Morpheus 8

What is?
That treatment combines microneedling and radiofrequency to remodel the collagen and coagulate adipose tissue. This handpiece is most commonly used to treat the lower face, neck, chest, acne scars, wrinkles, and stretch marks on the body. A series of 3 treatments should be received about 4-6 weeks apart for best results.
How Does the treatment Work?
Micro-needling alone is an effective way to stimulate collagen and elastin production. However, the process only targets the superficial layers of the skin. By incorporating radio frequency energy, the treatment penetrates deeper into the skin for higher efficacy. The treatment uses special microneedles to puncture the skin and send RF heat energy deep into the subdermal tissues to provide uniform and optimal results. The microneedling process, combined with RF heat energy, stimulates the production of more collagen and elastin. The heat energy from the fractional RF waves also shrinks fat and contours the skin, making it a more desirable and effective anti-aging treatment over other cosmetic and surgical options. The results are more powerful, desirable, and noticeable.

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What Areas of the Body Does Microneedling Cover?
Microneedling anti-aging treatment is suitable for use on the arms, abdomen, thighs, and other areas on the body, not just the face. Multiple areas of the face and body can be treated in a single session. Besides significantly minimizing the appearance of droopy skin, lines, hyperpigmentation, and age spots, it reshapes and sculpts adipose tissue to lift and tighten the skin. Has higher efficacy than traditional micro-needling anti-aging treatments because it transforms skin and fat tissue on a cellular level. It uses the body’s natural healing response and revolutionary medical technology to reduce the effects of aging.
Is microneedling Right for Me?
All skin types and tones can benefit from Morpheus 8. The treatment is even effective in individuals with darker skin tones who are normally resistant to cosmetic anti-aging radio frequency treatments. The treatment targets areas on the face and body to erase the signs of aging and drooping. Morpheus 8 is highly ideal for individuals with the following cosmetic concerns:
          • Stretch marks.
          • Uneven skin tone.
          • Sun damage.
          • Sagging jowls.
          • Under eye bags.
          • Acne.
          • Scars.
          • Enlarged pores.
Infections, certain health conditions, such as pregnancy or skin disorders, and other factors can affect a person’s candidacy for the procedure. A Morpheus 8 consultation is necessary.
Does microneedling Require Sedation?
Each treatment starts with the application of topical numbing ointment to minimize patient discomfort. Once desensitized, a special antibacterial cleanser is applied to the area before administering Morpheus 8 treatment. Alternative sedation options may be available.
How Long Does microneedling Last?
Most patients require a minimum of three anti-aging treatment sessions to achieve their desired results. Follow-up visits and other factors help determine how many sessions each patient requires. With proper skin hygiene, diet, and follow-up care, patients can expect their results to last several months or longer. Subsequent treatments are necessary to maintain the results after that. The aging process never stops, but periodic treatments spaced out over the course of several months can help slow it down without compromising skin health or appearance.
How Long Do Results Take to Appear?
The combination of radio frequencies and microneedling provides results much faster than other anti-aging treatments. Results are often noticeable within hours. While most patients see results immediately, it can take up to three to four weeks for the most dramatic effects of each treatment to appear. Many patients continue to see significant improvements in their appearance up to six months after their most recent session.

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