The solution for HYPERHIDROSIS. It is the only non-invasive, FDA-cleared treatment that will reduce your underarm sweating problem. It is the most reliable and effective sweating treatment option available today. That treatment is life-changing for hyperhidrosis sufferers and also beneficial to patients who are not heavy sweaters but want to stop using antiperspirants.
If you are tired of dealing with hyperhidrosis, excessive underarm sweating, stained shirts and overuse of deodorants, this treatment may be your solution. It safely reduces underarm sweat and odor glands, so you can feel confident and dry in any situation. Demand is very high for this innovative and simple approach to solving underarm sweat issues.

How Does the treatment Work?

Delivers precisely controlled electromagnetic energy beneath the underarm skin to the exact area where sweat glands are located using a non-invasive handheld device.

Smize pro spa treatment miradry

Is Miradry® Safe?

Yes, miraDry® is non-invasive and extremely safe. Since the body contains well over 4 million sweat glands, the body’s ability to cool itself is not affected by the removal of sweat glands located on the underarms which only account for 2% of the total number of sweat glands on a human body.
Is Miradry® Right For Me?
If you suffer from hyperhidrosis, or excessive sweating that can be bothersome and embarrassing, miraDry® may be recommended for you. If you require repeated applications of antiperspirant which often results in unsightly underarm stains, we invite you to consult with us about the freedom miraDry® offers.

Is Miradry® Painful?
A local anesthetic is applied beforehand so most patients only experience a mild discomfort during the miraDry® procedure.

What Is The Recovery Like After The Procedure?
Mild discomfort may last for a few weeks after the procedure which can be alleviated with over the counter pain relievers such as ibuprofen as well as ice. Patients can resume work immediately following the procedure and can return to an exercise regimen within a few days.
How Much Does Miradry® Cost?
Because every body is different in terms of sweat production, the cost of miraDry® varies according to the needs of each specific patient. During your miraDry® consultation, you will receive a personalized treatment plan that fits your needs.

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